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How would you like to lose weight by eating more, spending more time between the sheets, and learning a simple breathing technique? Sound impossible? Not anymore. We’ve got 8 easy rules for your daily life that can help you lose weight and look and feel your best!

In The New You and Improved Diet, Keri Glassman, MS, RD, CDN, breaks down the connection between the body and mind where dieting is concerned, and shares her tried-and-tested rules that will help you become stronger, calmer, healthier, more balanced — and yes, thinner! You’ll learn how to “breathe” your way thin, sip your way slim, sleep off the pounds, banish cravings, and finally lose the weight for good. Plus, you’ll discover how to:

Eat More, Not Less
How would you like to start your morning with Peanut Butter Cup Oatmeal? Or imagine diving into Jambalaya-Style Stir-Fry or a Cheesy Chicken Melt for dinner. These meals, and the others inside, might not sound like the diet foods that you’re used to, but trust us, they will fill you up and help slim you down!

Don’t Join a Gym
Here’s a revolutionary concept: You don’t have to exercise to lose weight. With The New You and Improved Diet, you’ll learn that exercise is not the silver bullet of a weight loss program. But once you stop dreading the gym and start thinking of activities to enjoy, you’ll find the solution that works best for you.

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And the bonus is this: Exercise is a known antioxidant and a proven weight loss tool that helps you live longer, feel better, age more gracefully, avoid all kinds of medications, relax more, sleep more soundly, and even have better sex. Not convinced yet? Turn to p. 71 for more exercise info, including three customized workout plans for giving you amazing results.

Sleep More, Weigh Less
Don’t worry — this rule doesn’t mean what you think it does, but it is critical to your weight loss results. With just a few simple changes — that don’t involve sending your spouse or significant other to the couch or guest room — you can enjoy better sleep and lose a lot of weight.

  With The New You and Improved Diet, you’ll use 8 simple rules to lose weight — and never find it again!

• Not the most active gym-goer? Learn how intense exercising isn’t the key to weight loss success!

• Having trouble getting down 8 glasses of water a day? We’ll show you the long list of equally hydrating beverages that will help you sip your way slim!

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